I've made a variety of tables ranging from heavily sculpted, original designs, to live-edge slab tops, to rustic coffee table made out of whiskey barrels. Here are a few examples. Each design can be  made in almost any  dimension, to suit your needs.

Proxbeam Table-Slab Top

The 2010 Philadelphia Invitational Furniture Show was approaching, and I wanted make a large piece that would stand out. I had a couple of slabs of highly figured, "ghost" maple, that were too nice to cut into pieces for furniture, so I decided to make a slab, or live-edge style, table out of them.  I called it the Proxbeam table because after I made the base, I noticed the stretchers resemble hammer beams,  found in English Gothic architecture.  Although it is currently my personal dining table, I am offering it for $14,950. The figuring in the "ghost" maple top is quite exceptional. Figured walnut splays out the two maple halves on one end with a bocote "Proxfly" inlaid in the other. The sculpted base is walnut with macassar ebony turnings. Apart from the live-edge top, this is an original design, and the first of its kind. Please contact me for more information.

92"L x 41"W x 28-3/4"

Proxbeam Table- Slab Top   Starting at $7,500  Shown in "Ghost" Maple, Walnut, Bocote, and Macassar Ebony    Offered at $14,950

Fedu Corner Table

A small table originally designed to fit at the ends of two couches, placed 90 degrees from each other but would also make an excellent corner table.  An early, original design with a single drawer. The wood grain of the top, and bottom shelf is identical.

Fedu Corner Table    Starting at $3,950.   Shown in Figured Makore, Purlpeheart, and Macassar Ebony.

Fedu End Table

Like the Fedu Corner Table, this is a small table that is placed at the end of a couch but would also fit well against a wall. The dimensions can be extended to make a handsome side table.

Fedu End Table   Starting at $2,500.   Shown in Figured Makore and Purpleheart.

Proxendale Table

An extremely custom table, made to fit a marble top the client had, and my first attempt at carving. I wanted to emulate some of the design details found in Chippendale era furniture, like the ball and claw feet, egg and dart top rail, and gadrooned bottom rail, but a lot of originality can also be found.  The carved letters are the family's initials.  I certainly can do exact reproductions of period pieces but I prefer to put my own spin on the design, like this "Proxendale" table.  Due to the complexity of the design, please contact me for pricing.

Proxendale Table     Contact me for pricing.   Shown in Dyed Genuine Mahogany and Marble.

Whiskey Barrel Coffee Table

This client won a Jameson whiskey barrel and wanted a coffee table out of it. I thought toasted, white oak would work well for the top, since the same wood comprises the barrel.  The aroma was unbelievable when I cut the barrel in half. I haven't seen very many Jameson whiskey barrels for sale but Jack Daniel's seem to be readily available. Two or more barrels can be added for a larger table. 

Whiskey Barrel Table    Starting at $1,250.   Shown in White Oak and  Dyed Poplar.

Contemporary Media and End Table

Simple, clean design to match a mantle I had made for this client several years before. The design really highlights the beauty of the perfectly clear walnut.

Contemporary Media Table  Starting at $1,495  Shown in walnut.

Contemporary End Table     Starting at $795   Shown in Walnut. 

Roughsawn Table

 One of the great things about living here in Eastern PA is the roughsawn oak which is readily availabile from the Amish.  The large radial saw blade at the mill leaves pronounced blade marks in the wood that I highlight by "toasting" with a torch, similar to how wine barrels are prepared, for a very rustic look. Available in any size you can think of with a variety of bases ranging from modest dyed poplar to more expensive hardwoods. 

Roughsawn Table   Starting at $495    Shown in Toasted Amish Oak and Dyed Poplar

Roughsawn Pipe Table   Starting at $495    Shown inWhite Oak and  Amish Oak

Roughsawn Pipe Table

A coffee table with a white oak top made of irregular planks pieced together and roughly planed. Four large Amish oak legs are fastened with black pipe. 

Reproduction Tables

Sometimes clients like traditional designs but can't find anyone that can make it, or they want a  factory made piece but the dimensions of the table are wrong for their needs.  Since I make everything from scratch, I can take any design in any size that you'd like. Sometimes, I can improve upon the design or make it out of better materials than the original factory made piece. It's as easy as sending me a picture of what you want and the size you want, and I'll make it.

Queen Ann Table    As shown $5,950   Figured Cherry

Foley Table   As shown $3,500     Walnut