Rustic-Roughsawn Pieces

Although this type of furniture differs from some of my sculptural pieces,  these rustic  pieces are a lot of fun to make.  I'm lucky to live so close to  a few Amish  sawmills.  They use massive circulars saws to rip down the lumber that leave deep saw marks in the wood.  I usually use white oak,  but other varieties of wood are available.  The oak looks great  finished naturally  or sometimes a bring out a blow torch and "toast" it, to really create a lot of contrast.  

Whiskey Barrel Coffee Table

This client won a Jameson whiskey barrel and wanted a coffee table out of it. I thought toasted, white oak would work well for the top, since the same wood comprises the barrel.  The aroma was unbelievable when I cut the barrel in half. I haven't seen very many Jameson whiskey barrels for sale but Jack Daniel's seem to be readily available. Two or more barrels can be added for a larger table. 

Whiskey Barrel Coffee Table   Starting at $1,250    Shown in White Oak and Dyed Poplar

Roughsawn Table

One of the great things about living here in Eastern PA is the availability of roughsawn oak, that I get from the Amish.  The large radial saw blade at the mill leaves pronounced blade marks in the wood that I highlight by "toasting" with a torch, similar to how wine barrels are prepared, for a very rustic look. Available in any size you can think of with a variety of bases ranging from modest dyed poplar to more expensive hardwoods. 

Roughsawn Table   Starting at  $495      Shown in Toasted Amish Oak and Dyed Poplar

Roughsawn Pipe Table

A coffee table with a white oak top made of irregular planks pieced together and roughly planed. Four large Amish oak legs are fastened with black pipe. 

Roughsawn Pipe Table   Starting at $495    Shown inWhite Oak and  Amish Oak