"Artistic" Pieces

Although I consider my woodworking projects to be  furniture and not really "art", some pieces seem to be more focused on aesthetics. Some have even found their way into art galleries.

Library Ladder

This piece was accepted  in the Wharton Esherick Museum's "Step Right Up" woodworking competition, in 2009.   The theme was library ladders. It is an original design but I did take some inspiration from the library ladder that Esherick himself had made. It is functional but might have better use as a sculpture or a display case.

Library Ladder     Starting at $3,950     Shown in Walnut and Macassar Ebony

Candle Staff

I was invited to participate in the Wharton Esherick Museum's Poplar Culture exhibit, in 2012.  Unfortunately, a large poplar tree had to be removed from the museum's grounds.  The tree was then milled and offered to woodworkers around the nation to make pieces out it, to be exhibited at Historic Yellow Springs, with a portion of the sales benefiting the Wharton Esherick Museum. The show was a major success. The book, Poplar Culture: The Celebration of Esherick's Tree, showcased all the artist's contributions.  I sold one of the two staffs I made. I might have sold the other but once the red "sold" dot was placed on the description card so potential buyers probably assumed the other was sold, as well.  I might consider still selling the remaining staff for $5,000, while still honoring the WEM's 30 percent share.  Please contact me with you are interested.

Candle Staff      Starting at $2,950      Shown in Esherick's Poplar

Rupert Elementary Lending Library

This was a really fun project. My wife is an art teacher at Rupert Elementary School and the school wanted to have a lending library built. The library placed outside so the kids can borrow and return books whenever they like. I drew from the school itself for the design, basically making a miniature version of the beautiful, collegiate Gothic style building. 

Rupert Elementary Lending Library