I'd consider my cabinetry projects my bread and butter. They often don't require the artistic skills needed for sculptural furniture but cabinetry  for kitchens, bathrooms, offices and other  built ins are fun to design. I've made very basic cabinetry for utility rooms and offices but lately some of my projects have been constructed more like fine furniture.  Typical factory made cabinetry are made in dimensions of 3" increments. Since I make everything from scratch, I can make the cabinets to the  exact dimension needed.  The best way for me to help with your cabinetry project is to contact me.  Take a look below at some of my previous projects for some ideas.

Artistic Cabinetry

Contemporary Bathroom

Architect Erich Burkhart provided the design and I made the cabinets for his bathroom.

Media Built-ins

Other Cabinetry