Cradles are probably my favorite pieces of furniture to make.  Even though they typically aren't in service for long, the time that they are is very precious and can continue through generations. 

Asher Cradle

 I made this cradle for my first born son, Asher. I worked frantically to get it done before his due date only to have him arrive ten days after.    It's an original design, heavily sculpted with really no ornamentation.  The low bed height is advantageous because when the cradle is by the bedside and the baby needs attention at night, you can just roll over and pick him or her up without having to get out of bed.  We used a stock, oval mattress but a custom fitted mattress can be made. 

38"L x 20"W x 20"H  

Asher Cradle    Starting at $3,950   Shown in Figured Sassafras and Cocobolo

Lilly Cradle

A sophisticated piece I made for my niece, Lilly, and eventually her younger sister, Madeline. Another original design, heavily sculpted and carved, with turned spindles that are blended into the rails. "Tree of Life" carvings (my sister-in-law is a Gustav Klimt fan) in the head and foot crest. 

Lilly Cradle   Starting at $9,500   Shown in Dyed African Mahogany and Cocobolo

Steele Cradle

A more traditional, clean design, made for my sister-in-law's nephew. Hand cut dovetails with heart shaped cut outs in the head and foot crests. Heart shaped dovetails would be a nice touch, if I build another one.

Steele Cradle     Starting at $2,250    Shown in Figure Maple